By Roger Bryan

As an entrepreneur I find that my greatest assets are my experiences. Over the years I’ve worked with auto auctions, vehicle donation companies, non-profits, logistics and supply organizations, auto dealerships, online marketers, investment firms, consulting agencies, and a slue of other organizations. All of these experiences have helped me to lead an exciting life an as entrepreneur.

I developed my blog to first bring people information about topics that I find interesting and potentially profitable. Second to educate people so they do not have to experience all of the trials and tribulation that I have encountered. Finally of course so I can try to profit from my experience.

I’m happy to work with any and all entrepreneurs on any project that I can. I do have some restrictions. I can not work in the auto auction, vehicle donation, or online bookstore industry with out charging a fee. This is in all fairness related to the partnerships I have created with other individuals in those industries. My partners and I are eager to work with people on these types of ventures and hold a wide verity of skills associated with these types of operations.

Please take a look around my blog and let me know what you think. I will continue to add content and services to my blog over the coming years. So here is to both yours and my success!

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