Becoming a Business Coach

By Roger Bryan
Table of Contents
1. The Five Year Anniversary of Roger Bryan’s Blog –
2. Becoming a Business Coach
3. Blogging For Money
4. How To Build A Personal Brand
5. How To Grow A Business
6. The Business Coaching That Made It Possible

It wasn’t until just a few months ago that I became a coach, which for me at the age of 34, quite baffles me. I don’t really look at my accomplishments as being all that great, as I had just challenged myself to be so much more. But working with people on their businesses and with their ideas, I get the greatest sense of fulfillment more than anything that I’ve ever done. To watch a student publish a book and get it to number one on Amazon. To help another student triple his business in six months. To help people finally take those dreams and organize them in a manner that would actually become attainable. I just really can’t explain how much that means to me. And again, as I’m sitting here today, in just 10 day will be the five-year anniversary of when I launched my blog. To see what it has become, I basically just don’t understand.

Becoming an author and publishing a book that people actually read and thanked me for, I would’ve never had the nerve to do that five years ago. I’ve always thought of myself as smart, but never really in the league of those that you see in books and magazines and on news stations. That just was never going to be me. And now to speak on stages in front of hundreds of people or even have the opportunity to speak in front of thousands, both in person and online, and again, have people thank me, congratulate me, and to tell me that what I said actually can help them, and how that happened in five short years.

So what did I use to really blog about when it comes to business? My blog and my website have been re-designed so many times over the past five years. I’ve tried to find the perfect niche that focuses all of the efforts that I’ve had in my life into one cohesive message, which really is not easy. The site has been remade to fit me as I was at that time. It was probably re-designed once every year. And now to be coming up on the five-year anniversary with a brand-new design again, geared towards celebrating the life that I never thought that I would have, I don’t know if it’s humbling, motivating or for self-reflection of where I am today, but it is baffling to say the least.

I think when I started the blog I was just settling into a new life in Washington DC, my business was just starting to pick up, I was having my first experience with staff and real sales, and I knew that there was a story to tell about this. So I wanted to take part in the Internet. I guess that’s the only way to explain it. So I started the blog, and I just started writing about random things. I would talk about conversations that I had with staff. I would talk about discussions I had with my partners. I would talk about business ideas that I had. I would talk about my current business, the biggest stress of the day or the biggest success of the quarter. I would advertise my clients, my products and my services. I would even, on occasion, put up pictures of dishes that I cooked.

As I really started to get into Internet marketing in the year 2008, weblog-took on a new dimension that probably wasn’t the best for it, where I would start publishing tons and tons of articles about various topics from car donations to auto auctions to voting to cooking to business consulting and then I would just optimize the heck out of him. I was just starting to learn the secrets of SEO or search engine optimization and I wanted to test the theories on my website. At this time, I was working with a lot of nonprofits such as Goodwill, Red Cross, and the Salvation Army, and I had ideas about things that I could do with Internet marketing, but I of course couldn’t test them on client websites, so I decided to test them on myself. Surprising to me, just as it was to anybody else, they really worked.

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