Blogging for Money

By Roger Bryan
Table of Contents
1. The Five Year Anniversary of Roger Bryan’s Blog –
2. Becoming a Business Coach
3. Blogging For Money
4. How To Build A Personal Brand
5. How To Grow A Business
6. The Business Coaching That Made It Possible

As my blog grew and my subscription-based passed 1000 and 5000 and 10,000 subscribers, I began to see that the world actually wanted to hear what I had to say. So then I switched gears and I started talking about real fundamentals of marketing and business as in-depth as I possibly could trying to help people to start and grow businesses.

One of the most popular series of posts that I ever made was on how to start a dropship business. At the time, my father and stepmom had gotten into some of the Internet stuff. And I didn’t know how deep they were getting into it. When I say deep, I don’t mean successfully. They had been suckered into an expensive drop shipping program that had absolutely no chance of success, and it really frustrated me. So I started to write blogs about the experience that they were having, with insight that I had on how to start successful online businesses, how to market and optimize them to drive traffic and convert it, and in doing so, I ended up starting another company. More so to prove models than to actually build a business, the company flourished, and I ended up giving it to my dad and stepmom to take over, which in part is one of the reasons, I guess, why anyone becomes an entrepreneur. That is, to have relevance in the world and to help others to achieve goals that they might not be able to achieve completely on their own.

I never really thought of my blog as a place to brand myself, but more so to just tell a story: the story of my life as an entrepreneur and as a person. I started to build out sections on the blog to talk about my personal experiences growing up. I saw the very popular page my family tree. And yet today as I look at the new draft of the website and I see the pictures of all of the people that I’ve met, the videos that I’ve been able to take with some of the most successful people, I can’t help but think what’s next.

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