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Does Your National Non-Profit Need Fundraising Help?

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National Charity Services, Inc is looking to expand its fundraising efforts and your non-profit could benefit from our expansion.  With five solid years of raising funds for Goodwill Industries and The American Red Cross we are looking to expand out portfolio.  Our proven track record of raising millions of dollars each year through the management Continue Reading

Non-Profit Corporation

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A non-profit corporation is an incorporated organization that is created by government or judicial authority and registered at the Registry of Commerce. Non-profit corporations are not intended to provide profit to the owners and members unlike for-profit organizations whose main directive is to provide members and owners with a profit. Non-profit corporations are always organized Continue Reading

Difference between Non-Profit & For-Profit

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Not all is equal when it comes to the business world. There are very big differences between owning and running a non-profit and a for-profit business. Some differences may be obvious, others a little less. Here are some of the differences between a for profit business and a non-profit. A for profit business is typically Continue Reading