Crowd Funding Formula

Crowd Funding Formula

Too Few Investment capital Investors + A great number of Entrepreneurs That require Funding 

Crowd Funding Formula is the Answer!

The crowdsourcing trend is one of the newest and most successful ways for internet companies to determine how to get funding to get their company started. Crowdsourced funding utilizes social media (a method known as social funding), internet and payment strategies to help companies solicit money for their company. With crowd funding small business owners, especially web entrepreneurs planning to earn their fortune online, can get the finances they have to start their new online company. With the internet as the middleman, many people feel practical soliciting others for money to help you their company get started. There are a number of companies that are all designed to help online businesses utilize a group of individuals willing to donate to new startups. In fact recently alone more than $1 billion was raised for startup companies with these Crowd Funding sites.

How Does Crowd Funding Formula Outshine the Other Crowdsourcing Options? I recently completed this training program developed by GrowThink Founder Dave Lavinsky, and I immediately picked up the phone and called a number of my clients who were facing funding issues. In just one video he showed me how Crowd Funding works, and can work for your startup business as well. It is a revolutionary way of approaching this simple concept. Put simply: If you follow Dave’s Tips You Will Raise Money! Here are the basics to understanding crowdfunding that I learned from his videos. These simple pointers made me realize the potential for profit that can be gained through the use of the Crowd Funding Formula program:

Success Stories:

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra album sought $100,000. RAISED $1,192,793 What is the crowd funding formula

Ouya video game console sought $950,000. RAISED $8,596,475

Pebble e-paper watch sought $100,000. RAISED $10,266,846  

When Seeking Crowd Funding

You can raise money from people you know and people you don’t know!

By using Dave’s Social Media Shortcuts you can raise a ton of money in a matter of days!




What is Crowd Funding?

Crowd Funding is a strategic way for entrprenuers and non-profits to raise money for their projects, businesses or organizations by gaining the support of a “crowd” or a large group of people to give them money.



Alright enough small talk…watch this video and let me know what you think!

Crowd Finding Formula Video