Google Updates

By Roger Bryan

The Latest Google Updates and Your Internet Company: What Business Owners need to Know

After Google announced their latest in a string of updates, and the era of the Penguin Update was ushered in, many companies saw a major impact in their marketing efforts. The new Google update ushered in a change to the company’s search ranking algorithms as an effort to keep SPAM-filled websites out of Google search results. Unfortunately, in the process of these new changes, many smaller, online businesses found that they two were being pushed out of top ranking search results along with many of these SPAM-filled sites. While the changes caused panic for some, overcoming the new Google updates, simply requires an adaptation to the changes in the way the system works. This is why it is essential for internet business owners to understand the Penguin Google Update and how to work with these new algorithms to find the search engine result success they are looking for.

Understanding the Penguin Google Update

There has been a great deal of press and hype surrounding the Penguin Update. For some internet companies and small businesses, the Penguin Update brought in no major changes, while for others the changes were substantial. Once the Google Penguin Update was launched, Google released a statement saying the update would only impact approximately 3% of all searches. However, do to the hundreds of millions of searches being performed on Google everyday, there were tens of thousands of searches being impacted daily with these changes. While Google maintains that a small percentage of searches have been impacted, other sources reveal much larger numbers, estimating around a quarter of all searches to be negatively impacted by these Google updates. The newest update has done a number of things, including:

  • Target websites that are “over-optimized” and lowering their search engine rankings
  • Removed the value of links, especially manipulative linking
  • Allowed companies who actually have a high number of visitors rank higher on search results

These decisions were implemented to help keep search engine results items more relevant for web searchers. However, it doesn’t mean that these changes haven’t negatively impacted smaller company websites who should normally appear in higher spots on search engine result pages.

The Google Updates Impact on Internet Businesses

Many internet businesses have felt the effects of this Google update. This is mainly because many internet companies are not taking the correct approach to internet marketing. The right approach to internet marketing in today’s web based world requires dedication and a certain mindset, it also requires an understanding of the Penguin Update. internet marketing needs to go beyond keyword and link stuffed content and needs to be a well-thought out and properly executed endeavor. Companies who aren’t taking the time to truly work on their internet marketing initiatives are the ones who are finding the biggest issues with the Penguin Google Updates. In order for a small business to achieve success with these Google updates, it will take some time. However, the efforts will produce more quality leads and help companies maintain a more stable web presence.

Adapting to the Change With Google Updates

The new Google updates have arrived and there is little chance that the search engine will ever so back to its old search engine algorithms. This is why adapting to the updates is essential for any company looking to stay relevant in today’s market. Internet companies need to first turn to professional marketing assistance. Achieving success with this new structure requires professional insight, otherwise efforts will be wasted. A truly successful online marketing campaign will take time, and it will take the implementation of several techniques from social media branding, to optimization, mobile marketing, and taking advantage of local trends. This is why professional insight is necessary. This is also why companies like iMillionaire Mindset have created developmental programs for internet businesses who are looking for proven solutions for marketing their company in today’s market and along with these Google updates.

The iMillionaire Mindset approach to helping internet companies with these changes is to show these companies how to develop the right mindset for success. The company strives to leave online business owners with the mindset of a millionaire company owner, so they can use this mindset to grow their company and achieve success. Through this effort, the program and their new continuity package offer insight on adapting to Google updates in today’s market and for implementing proven solutions for internet marketing endeavors. With information like this, internet companies can find the professional insight they need to use the Google updates to their advantage and create a prominent and unwavering web presence in today’s market.

The iMillionaire Mindset Continuity Package

When companies looking to market their business on the internet, turn to the continuity package from iMillionaire Mindset, they aren’t just getting a sparsely written e-book about marketing approaches, they receive a detailed, comprehensive package aimed to help companies succeed with Google updates and other changes in the market. The package comes with several components designed to deliver truly engaging and informative lessons on developing a company and marketing that company to the public. The package includes:

  • Informative Monthly Newsletters
  • Membership to the Company’s Interactive Forum- Complete with mobile-gamification
  • Priority Invitations to Exclusive Business Events
  • Drip Feed Wows with Instant Business Development Ideas
  • The 30 Page Super Report: Element of Announcements for Press Release
  • Industry Updates- Regulation and Algorithms
  • Access to the Monthly Customer-call in, Which Features a live Q&A session
  • Question Conference Call Access for Calls With Industry Leaders

The program was designed to provide internet companies with complete access to anything they would need to know about successfully developing a business into a million dollar company in today’s market. The continuity package offer describes many of the essential components in creating this type of success, including how to adapt to the latest Google updates and use them to your company’s advantage. These different features will help companies understand what will and what will not work with the Google Penguin Update, so business owners are not wasting precious company time and resources on ineffective marketing approaches.

Staying relevant in today’s market is all about understanding the internet and the way in which it can help and hinder a company’s reputation and popularity. Part of understanding this is understanding Google updates and changes made to their search rankings. Doing this with programs like the iMillionaire Mindset continuity package can lead business owners of all types to a successful position owning a thriving million dollar internet business.