How to Build a Personal Brand

By Roger Bryan
Table of Contents
1. The Five Year Anniversary of Roger Bryan’s Blog –
2. Becoming a Business Coach
3. Blogging For Money
4. How To Build A Personal Brand
5. How To Grow A Business
6. The Business Coaching That Made It Possible

With this new website launches it’s going to be a template called celebrity branding activity geared towards the relationships that we all build in our own worlds and the people that we meet that help to build our personal brand. The concept is to sell people not on our ideas or our efforts, but actually on us. So many great people build personal brands such as Donald Trump with the Trump organization that focus on letting the world know their standard of quality and their passion for excellence. Now as an entrepreneur, and I guess I can even say seasoned entrepreneur at the ripe age of 34, after now selling three companies I now see the importance of having a personal brand.

A personal brand is something that lives beyond the company that you start. Very few entrepreneurs will start one company and then spend the rest of their life working in or on just that company. Many will start and fail. Some will start and sell. Others will start ideas that never really become that true passion that they want to have but will transform into greater opportunities in the future. The one thing that stays constant through all that change is your personal brand: how you present yourself how, people remember you, and why they will choose to do business with you.

So as we’re designing this site and implementing the different elements of it, we’re constantly thinking about where our brand is today and how we want to portray it so that we can get to where we want to go in the future. I’ve recently been challenged over the next five years with my current partner to start a $100 million company. Five years ago I was just starting to approach making my first million dollars. I actually paused as I type that, thinking about the fact that I can say when I was trying to make my first million dollars. How many people get to say that? Even more so, how many people say that they’re going to and actually do put in the time effort blood sweat and tears to make it happen?

I’m a firm believer that any person with a true desire to achieve success at any level is more than capable of doing it. They need to be willing to work harder, longer and smarter than everyone else if they’re going to achieve that goal. And I now see the power of coaching. Without my coaches in the past year, I would never have transformed not just my business but myself into the person that is creating this new personal brand today. And I guess my biggest reflection as I start down this new journey of the next five years is to really look back on the last year.

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