How To Get Funding

By Roger Bryan

Getting Funding for Your Internet Business: Basic Solutions

Starting a new business can be a fun and exciting time in your life. However, in order to make a new business venture a success, you need a number of things. In addition to having the right idea and the right mindset, it is important that you have the proper funding. Although internet businesses may not need the same type of funding that other brick and mortar businesses need, they usually do need some type of funding in order to get started. This is an important fact for aspiring internet entrepreneurs to realize before they attempt to get their company off the ground. The first thing you must figure out is how to get funding for a startup business.

The good news is that there are a number of proven ways that internet businesses are able to get funding for their new online company. Many of these ways are not only easy but proven ways of getting the necessary funding to start an online company and can get new business owners the extra push they need to start building their dream company.

Crowd Trend

The crowd trend is one of the newest and most successful ways for internet companies to figure out how to get funding to get their company started. The trend utilizes social media, online networks and payment techniques to help companies solicit money for their company. With crowd funding many entrepreneurs, especially web entrepreneurs aiming to earn their fortune online, can get the finances they need to start their new online company. With the internet as the middleman, many people feel more comfortable soliciting others for money to help their company get started. There are a number of companies like RocketHub, Kickstarter, ArtistShare and FundRazr that are all designed to help startups utilize a group of individuals willing to donate to new startups. In fact last year alone well over $1 billion was raised for startup companies with these crowd-sourcing sites.

Credit Cards

Even though many find this as a surprising solution, credit cards are actually among the most popular ways to fund a new internet business. Credit card borrowing is a very easy and proven method of getting startup financing for companies with five or less employees. Since most small internet companies don’t need the hundreds of thousands of dollars that many traditional businesses need, credit cards can be a great way of getting this funding and getting in a quick and easy method. The important thing for online entrepreneurs to keep in mind with this solution is that there are different types of lines of credit, both personal and business lines of credit. It is important that business owners understand the difference in these credit lines before signing up for a credit card to fund their new online business venture.

Family and Friends

Along with credit cards, one of the most popular ways on how to get funding for an online business is to borrow from family members or friends. Many individuals needing a little extra funding for their online business venture will ask for a loan from family members. This can be a great way to get funding without worry about all of the paperwork and interest rates involved, which is one of the many reasons why this continues to be such a popular option. It is often recommended that in order to stay on top of repayment and establish some structure for the payback that those who borrow money put together a monthly payment plan they can use to pay back the friends and family that they borrow money from in a timely and professional manner.


When it comes to getting funding for an internet business, there is always the traditional option of going to a bank for a loan. While many people are turning to credit cards and family funding for business loans for online companies, the banks are still an option. The only reason that most internet startups don’t go to banks is because they need to pay a great deal of interest go under extensive credit checks and fill out a lot of paperwork in order to get a loan that often comes with very high interest. This can be a pain if the loan cannot be paid back in time or if anything happens with the funds which is why many people looking for the little they need to start an online business will surpass the bank. However, if you feel you need some extra funding for your internet startup or are unable to borrow money from a friend or family a bank loan can still be a great option.

Work and Grow Method

There are some internet startups who have found their success with their company and getting the funding necessary to drive their company by not borrowing money from anyone. These people typically use what is known as the work and grow method. With this method there is no search for a lump sum to get the business growing, as the name suggests companies will just work and steadily grow the company as they get the funds. Many people prefer this method, although it can make growth slower, because there are no loans to pay back. This is one way of funding that can be particularly effective for internet startups but may not work as well for larger companies.

All of these methods have been proven ways for internet companies to get the initial funding that they need to get their business started. Deciding on which of these funding methods is best for you and your company will take some time and some consideration on your part. It will also take a better understanding of how each of these funding solutions can impact the future success of your organization. Being able to see the big picture in terms of a company’s development especially when related to how funding can impact the future of a business can be difficult. The good news is there is a program that was designed specifically for internet startups that can help any new company owner understand what it takes to get the money they need for their startup and to understand how their initial funding choices can impact their future success.

The program is called the iMillionaire Mindset continuity package. This package was designed to help internet marketing companies and online business owners get the professional insight they need to grow and develop their company. It can help companies get started from the very beginning, and even figure out the best course of action for getting money to start their new company. The iMillionaire Mindset program covers all of this, as well as marketing and advertising techniques that can be used to grow and develop a company and turn it into a million dollar organization.

The package features detailed information on business development strategies through a number of mediums. Through live business events, conference calls, Q & A sessions, forum memberships, newsletters, informative reports, industry updates and drip feeds, business owners can get all of the insight they need into getting their company started and to taking that company to a level of true success.