How To Write A Business Plan

By Roger Bryan

Essential Elements of an Internet Startup Business Plan and How to Apply this Plan to a Company

As you embark on a journey to develop your own online business you will need a few things; along with some ambition and the right idea you will also need a road map that will help guide your business as you grow and develop it into the company you have always wanted it to be. For most online companies this road map comes in the form of a business plan. How to write a business plan for an online company requires that you include a number of the right elements. With the right elements in place, along with the proper application of these elements you can have the guide you are looking for to a truly successful online company. The first thing you need to know about are the elements of a good online business plan. These elements include:

Executive Summary

The executive summary should kick off your internet business plan and provide a simple and straightforward summary of your company’s profile and goals. After reading the executive summary, someone should have a basic idea of what your company is, what they do and what your basic goals are for the future of the organization.

Market Analysis

The section is an overview of your specific market or industry and is a very research heavy area of the business plan. With this section you will want to discuss internet businesses in general along with the specific market you are looking to get into, talk about the history of the market as well as where that market is today. Include information on major players or competitors that have changed the way today’s market views your type of company.

Internet Company Description

This should be a detailed description of what your company does and how your business stands out from other. Talk about what makes your company different, who the company serves and how it will be able to thrive in a web-only structure

Management and Organization

This section details the structure of your internet business. Even if your business is small, and is a one person show, it should have some type of structure. You can include plans for a future structure of the organization after some growth. This is important for online businesses as it will show the hierarchy of potential employees in the business even if the employees all work virtually.

Sales and Marketing

This section should include detailed summaries of the different plan you have to market your company and promote sales. This should include any online marketing techniques you plan to do such as affiliate marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising and more. Each approach should have its own detailed section.

Products and Services

Create an outline of what your online company sells, whether it is a product or service. Be as detailed as possible about that product or service and how it can benefit customers. The description should start at the beginning stages of development of your company’s product or service and go through its present stance at the center of your organization.


The funding section of most online business plans is rather sparse. This is because most online businesses won’t be asking for funding. However, those online businesses who do request some up front funding should make the request here and includes details about amounts needed and where all of that funding will go. The more specific the better.


Talk about the future projections of the company, its realistic expected growth and any goals you have for the future of your online business. If you are asking for funding it is very important to be as detailed as possible about the financial projections of the company in this section.


The appendix isn’t required but it is a great element to have in your business plan. In the appendix you can essentially include any additional information that you feel would be relevant to the business plan but that you have been unable to include in other sections. This could be permits, leases, resumes or anything else you find worthy.

These are some of the most essential and basic elements of how to write a business plan. Once you have these elements in place, the application portion of developing a business plan needs to be taken care of. It is essential that if you want your company to succeed that you actually apply these different elements of your business plan into your actual plan to develop your company. Many people see business plans as a formality, but they really should be used as a plan or a guide to growing an organization. This is why it is so important that they include the right essential elements and why they should actually be followed and utilized to their fullest.

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