Mega Partnering V The Top Networking Event

By Roger Bryan

Over the past five years, many of the world’s top internet business leaders have gathered together for one weekend to network, learn about new strategies, and to build reliability and branding. They gather to attend the annual Mega Partnering conference, and the 2012 edition of the conference; MegaPartnering Wealth Summit proved to be yet another successful chapter in the impressive history of this event.


MegaPartnering is the main event of the Year for A Players

Mega Partnering is an independent international organization dedicated to helping the world’s top business leaders form life-long partnerships with other industry professionals. The idea behind the conference is to create a dynamic and educational event filled only with successful individuals, to create the ideal environment for business professionals to foster fresh concepts and learn from others in the industry. The sheer power of this conference and its guests alone has attracted numerous A-list celebrities and business icons who come to share their wealth of knowledge and to also learn from other conference attendees.

George Ross

MegaPartnering is the Ultimate Gathering of Business Titans
The Mega Partnering V conference has emerged as the world’s number one wealth networking conference; and the attendance list only proves the star power of this event. From federal leaders to celebrities; industry tycoons to chief executive and even small business owners and academic leaders; they all make appearances at this event. The business elite come together to find new ways of growing their business. From learning about branding yourself from Gene Simmons, to experiencing lessons learned from having Donald Trump as your father, there is never a shortage of unique business lessons and perspectives given at this event.

The 2012 Wealth Summit conference brought in attendees from all over the globe to Dallas, Texas from May 3-6 for four days of speeches, presentations and networking opportunities. This exclusive event brought in everyone from business leaders, marketing and advertising and marketing experts and real estate investors together under one roof. The conference also welcomed several of the top innovators and influential business icons from around the world to speak to the more than 800 participants in the conference.

MegaPartnering is an exclusive invite only program.  Would you like to get your invite?
The MegaPartnering V event, along with every preceding MegaPartnering conference function, had varying levels of admittance. Admittance levels for the conference are:

Founders Level (All Access Pass)
Chairman Level
VIP + Pictures Level
VIP Level
General Admission

Once guests arrive to the early May event, the VIP attendees were given an insider’s tour of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to kick off the big event. Guests were not only allowed to see inside the structural marvel which is the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, but to see inside the mind of business legend Jerry Jones. The experience was just one of many inspirational talks from the leaders that attended the event; and was just a hint at what was to come for conference guests.

Would you like to learn from the Top Business Professionals at MegaPartnering?
There are many reasons to attend MegaPartnering, but the speeches given from top entrepreneurs around the world. Attendees may see inside and pick the brains of some of the most successful figures in business while at the conference. The sold out Mega Partnering V conference hosted a variety of speakers that allowed participants to do just this. The event gave the stage to Celebrity Apprentice winer and Poison front-man Bret Michaels, who spoke of his journey with creating a lasting career in music but in overcoming obstacles, and his journey in winning Celebrity Apprentice.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, also took center stage to speak of a mega partnering of his own; and talk of how he and Steve Jobs came together to form Apple and to give applicable real world advice to small businesses looking to produce a brand for themselves. The stage was also given to real estate mogul Eric Trump; one of the most successful investors and figures in business today who spoke of learning lessons from your father and on using those lessons to build your business. These speakers were also joined by High Point University President Nido Qubein, Todd Davis of LifeLock, and Gold Medalist Steven Bradbury, who all spoke to attendees about strategies and their own way of finding success in business. These influential figures spoke to conference participants independently individual paths to success and what they have found to work and to not work in today’s market.

The event also featured a motivational speech from entrepreneur and business wealth coach, JT Foxx. The mentor wasn’t only a powerful speaker at the event, but is also the founder of Mega Partnering. He began the power conference after seeing a special on the World Economic Forum. Confident he could create a one-of-a-kind event focused on investors, many small business owners and entrepreneurs, Foxx came up with Mega Partnering V. The event quickly became the number one wealth networking event in the world, and Mega Partnering V was the fifth year in the row that the event sold out. Foxx not only touched upon the success and growth of Mega Partnering but on key topics that he uses to mentor business owners on a daily basis.

How do you reap the rewards of MegaPartnering?
The goal of MegaPartnering is, and has always been, to promote networking and learning opportunities for successful business figures. The Mega Partnering events have become so successful because they have not been about selling books or tapes. The Mega Partnering experience will continue to forge its way into the future in this way, as an event that provides the number one place for business leaders to meet and take their businesses to the next level. The Mega Partnering V event was an invitation only function, and just as with the preceding Mega Partnering conferences, it fostered an environment for members to:

Make new contacts within the industry
Grow your Business Black Book
Brand themselves and their business
Introduce your business to new people
Find Joint Venture Partners
Learn of new marketing and promotion ideas and techniques
Find new business opportunities

While the conference’s focus was on providing resources and opportunities for the world’s top business leaders, Mega Partnering V proved that attendees were there for more then just groing their businesses. Attendees came together to prove that the elite of the business world know the importance of giving back. In just under an hour, conference attendees of the event raised more than $650,000 for the Eric Trump Foundation; a non-profit that donates funds to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospitals. The charity auction that was kicked off by a private acoustic concert by Bret Michaels. This brief hour in the four day mega-conference showed that Mega Partnering V is much more then just a networking event, but a business community that fosters down to earth relationships among the world’s most successful leaders.

This article was written by Roger Bryan