Paid Advertising

By Roger Bryan

Paid Advertising: Still the Top Choice for Businesses

The main goal of advertising has always been and continues to be an attempt to get a company or brand name in the mind of potential clients. While advertising approaches have changed with the ushering in of the internet, their main goal still remains the same; to get a company name to the public. Another thing that has remained the same about advertising efforts is that there is still paid advertising and organic advertising. The idea of paid advertising, or paying for a certain space to advertise a company on, has been around for years, and comes in all different forms from billboards to race cars. However, very few forms of paid advertising have had the impact that online paid advertising has.

With paid advertising you see online today, companies can buy a space on a popular website to advertise their company or brand. The idea is simple, but the results are effective. While companies can simply buy and advertising space on a certain website in the way they would buy space on a billboard. The advertisement will show up in a side ad or banner ad on the website, and a company will instantly be advertised to users who visit that site. While this approach is still highly effective, there are other more advanced approaches to paid advertising that will allow companies to advertise directly to their target market.

A company’s target market is a group of individuals who would be an ideal consumer of a company’s product or service offer. Having a target market in mind is extremely important in any advertising campaign, but actually being able to reach that target market with your advertisements holds even more importance. Companies like Google and Facebook have created paid advertising initiatives that make it easy for companies to not only reach users but to reach the right type of users and get their ads to their target market. With Google paid advertisements, companies can pay for exactly how many ads they want run. The advertisements are based off keyword searches, meaning web searches who look for items relating to a certain company will instantly be shown an ad for a company that may help them.

For example, if an individual searches for “dog grooming tips” in Google, on the side of their Google search results they will see advertisements for local Dog grooming salons. This means those who are looking to advertise their dog grooming service to individuals searching online in a certain area can have their advertisements only show up for people searching for dog grooming related items. With Google, smaller companies can take advantage of the fact that they will only need to pay for as many advertisements as they can afford, and they can also rest assured knowing that they won’t be paying for advertisements that will reach internet searchers not interested in their services.

While Google has been leading the way for online paid advertising for many years, there are other companies who are providing individualized paid advertising services that make it easy for businesses to reach the right type of consumers. Facebook’s approach to the online paid advertising movement is to show ads that relate to a user’s Facebook information and what a user’s friends “like” and search for. The social media company discovered that users are more likely to visit a company website or fan page that their friends in their social network have liked or visited before. The unique approach to paid advertisement is a completely different yet equally effective way of getting advertisements to the right individuals.

With companies like Facebook and Google providing new and proven forms of paid advertising that help companies target the right individuals, many web-based companies who may be unable to do some forms of traditional advertising are finding that paid advertising campaigns such as those offered by Google and Facebook can be their key to reaching millions of viewers. One of the best things about paid advertising for many online companies, especially for startups, is that even less-known companies with smaller budgets can reach millions of viewers and get the same type of exposure as larger companies can. However, in order to do this, companies need to be able to understand the concept of building a general web presence and to back their paid advertising efforts with a well-developed concept or idea that will actually keep users coming in. Paid advertising alone isn’t enough to make a company successful, paid advertising needs to be used as part of a successful overall advertising and marketing plan.

This is precisely why most companies, who are just starting out get some type of outside consulting to help them understand the ways to use paid advertising to truly help a company grow. With the right information and guide to help with planning, companies who may struggle to understand the art of successful paid advertising campaigns, can get the leverage they need to be successful in today’s competitive market. This is why companies like iMillionaire Mindset create packages for those looking to grow a new company and use web-based promotional tools like paid advertising to get their company to the next level.

The iMillionaire Mindset approach to helping companies understand paid advertising and incorporating paid advertising into their current marketing and brand building endeavors, is with the continuity package offer. The continuity package comes with a membership into the iMillionaire Mindset program and comes with several components, designed to help businesses transform their company into a million dollar enterprise. Program component include:

  • A 30 page Super Report titled Element of Announcements for Press Release
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Forum membership with mobile gamification
  • Priority invites to business events
  • Drip Feed Wows that features instant business development ideas
  • Frequent industry updates
  • Conference calls with industry leaders
  • Monthly call-ins that feature a live Q & A session

All of these features of the iMillionaire Mindset continuity package are aimed at doing one thing; helping companies grow by showing them inside secrets to success. Paid advertising plays a major role in this potential company success and the program not only highlights effective paid advertising strategies but shows customers how to incorporate those strategies into a complete business development plan as a whole. Creating a cohesive brand identity and making sure a company always gives off the same image is often the key to success with growing any business. By not only showing businesses how to use paid advertising but how to use paid advertising as part of a larger more comprehensive plan is an ideal way to make sure a brand’s image stays consistent through all of their marketing and advertising endeavors.