By Roger Bryan
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Business Plan Template for a Start Up Business
Have you ever dreamed of starting your business but not known where to begin? This practical easy to use business plan template guide outlines the step by step instructions to writing your business plan. The guide is geared to help you design a business plan that can be submitted to lenders, investors, and venture capital funds. Starting a Business is challenging – writing your business plan shouldn’t be. Follow the easy steps to design your business plan template for a start up business.

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Business Plan Template for a Startup Business Books

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Sell My Stuff! Target Marketing 101
The definitive guide to selling anything to anyone in 10 easy steps is a documented process that has helped the author bring numerous products, services, and business to market.

In this book you’ll be given a 10 step blue print that you can use to define your product and service, outline your ideal client while gaining insight into their wants and needs, and then examine your competition to create amazing sales presentations.

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Sell My Stuff! Target Marketing 101 Books