ReachCast | ReachLocal’s ReachCast Service is Terrible

By Roger Bryan

I’ll say this – I don’t typically make posts about bad services such as ReachCast.

***Please Read the Entire Article***

I tend to only praise the good and then let the bad suffer their own fate. In this case the staff at ReachLocal has been so terrible that I can not help the word to protect my fellow business owners.  ReachCast is such a bad service I do not want any of my blog readers to get suckered into it.  In fact I have a special offer for you at the bottom of the page.

ReachCast is a Scam!

ReachCast ScamHere is the problem for $1299 a month ReachCast gives you access to a platform similar to free services such as where you can distribute or syndicate content to multiple platforms.

They also say for this amount of money they will do 5-10 articles a month for you.  So basically you are paying them a 1000% mark-up over any other Legitimate SEO Service.  The worst part is I told my sales rep that before I gave it a try.

ReachCast Fails to Deliver

After four months and well over 20 emails to my sales rep I had finally had enough.  I wanted to talk to a ReachCast manager.  In those four months I had built 100 links, received 1 phone call, had one keyword ranking, and had maybe 40 Facebook & Twitter Followers (combined) for $4000!  So what a normal marketer can do in one day for about $100 took them four month and $4000 to do.  Then when I got them on the phone it was like talking to someone who had no clue what was going on.

I want to protect other business owners from this service.  They will tell you about all the great experiences people have had.  I simply don’t believe it.  My CPA for this campaign based on $4000’s in expenses and 1 phone call was $4000.  That is completely unfair and almost criminal.  To make matters worse instead of apologizing they made excuses.  Instead of trying to fix things they told me I had a contract and that I would have to complete it.  Instead of giving me reports like I asked my sales rep ignored me.

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!  If you have questions about this call 1-888-RCBRYAN and I’ll discuss this more.

***UPDATE ON THIS SERVICE 4-26-2011***

So there are some people at ReachLocal that care about customer service.  There are some people that will go the extra mile to make sure a customer is content even if a service does not perform to your standards.  I was lucky enough to get one of those people to help me resolve my issues with ReachLocal and ReachCast.

Here is my final thought on ReachCast: It is a service designed like a phone book ad but as a modern version.  It is not a conversion based program.  It is suitable for a doctor’s office, a lawyer’s office and the like.  It is not for internet marketers.  The idea of ‘web presence’ is new and it may have its place for certain businesses.  Most SEO guru’s will agree that if you dominate the first page with your site, social media sites, review sites, and feeder sites then you can dominate your niche.  If ReachCast could do this it would have value.  For them to do this they would need to do about 10x’s the amount of work that they currently do with their service offering.


So here is my special offer.  If you are one of the few that used this  service leave me a comment talking about your experience.  Also, list any of your social networking pages.  I’ll do a little FREE SEO to show you how this is supposed to be done.  Stay away from ReachLocal’s ReachCast Service as it is a waste of money!

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