Self Employed

By Roger Bryan

Making the Transition to Self Employment: Important Information for Online Business Owners

When the internet was first introduced in to today’s society, it brought about a great deal of change. Not only did the internet change the way we talk, date and even shop but it changed the way people run businesses as well. Now with the internet, nearly any person can own and run their own online business and be completely self-employed in a way that is much easier than it ever has been in the past. However, in order to do this they need to have a basic understanding of transitioning into self employment and the major components involved in running a successful online business.

Self employment numbers are rising as more people from all around the world are finding that they can be their own boss, make their own hours and have an unlimited potential income and they can do this all right on the internet and right from their own home.There are many benefits of being self employed and of owning your own online business. In fact numerous individuals from all over the country have found that they are able to do this on their own, and make a very comfortable living for themselves in the process. The internet has completely changed the way we interact and do business with one another, meaning that running an online business, by yourself from your home, in your pajamas is easier than ever.

By owning and operating an online business many people, with all different types of backgrounds can find themselves with a profitable and successful self employed career. The potential for income is great, and the rewards can be monumental, but the transition to being self employed can present certain challenges. If you have ever dreamed of being self employed then you may want to make the transition as quickly as possible. However, going from a traditional job to a self employed career is a huge transition. Making the jump requires planning and the right mindset, which is why there are a few things you will want to have in order to make sure your transition to being your own boss is a smooth one.

Having the Proper Funds in Place

Going from having a steady paycheck to being self employed and relying on yourself alone for your income is a huge transition in and of itself. Many individuals will be unable to get the type of income they want in their first few months of being self employed. Finding success with self employment takes a great deal of time and a great deal of dedication. This is why it is imperative that when you make the jump to being self employed you have a plan to cover the loss in wages you may experience at first. For most newly self employed individuals this will mean having a few months of income saved and put away to cover living expenses.

The good news about getting funding for the self employed transition is that most online businesses require very little start up capital. This means that the transition will be less of a financial burden than many business ventures, and only money for living expenses will need to be saved and put away.

Creating a Plan to Make the Jump

Making the jump to being self employed is not an easy transition. It requires extensive planning. Business owners looking to become entirely self employed will need to make sure they have a plan in place. This plan should cover their goals for their business, strategies to grow the business and financial and workload goals that will keep the company and the person on a path for success. Proper business planning should also include things like marketing and advertising techniques that will help make the transition to being a self-employed online business owner a smooth one. With the right plans in place, any person can feel more prepared to tackle the challenges that come with being self employed.

Getting in the Self-Employed Mindset

Above all things, making the transition to being self-employed requires having the right mindset. If you want to have a million dollar business then you will need to have the mindset of a millionaire business owner. This is one of the main goals of the iMillionaire Mindset program, which was designed to help regular individuals get the millionaire mindset necessary to transition into self employment and to ultimately reach their self employment dreams.

The iMillionaire Mindset approach to helping people understand paid being self employed and growing a business is with their continuity package offer. The continuity package comes with a membership into the iMillionaire Mindset program and comes with several components, designed to help any person transition into self employment and to transform their own online company into a million dollar enterprise. The continuity package components include:

  • A 30 page Super Report titled Element of Announcements for Press Release
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Membership to the company’s interactive forum
  • Priority invites to business events
  • Drip Feed access that features instant business development ideas
  • Frequent industry updates
  • Conference calls with industry leaders
  • Monthly call-ins that feature a live Q & A session

All of these features of the iMillionaire Mindset continuity package are aimed at doing one thing; helping companies grow by showing them inside secrets to being a successful and thriving self employed company owner. The program only highlights effective marketing and advertising strategies that will be needed to grow and develop a company, but the continuity package also focuses in on helping business owners make this huge life-changing transition. By showing business owners how to have the mindset of a millionaire and to make a smooth transition into their new role as an entrepreneur the program aims to help online businesses develop into million dollar organizations.

Transitioning from a life as a typical employee, working a steady 9-5 job to being your own boss, can be hard. It takes a great deal of initiative and the willingness to take some risks to make this transition happen and to make sure it is a success. When you are your own boss, your potential for future success is virtually endless. The good news is with the right funding, planning and the help of insights such as those offered by the iMillionaire Mindset continuity package, any business owner can make this transition and start a new life as a successful, self-employed business owner.