Small Business Consulting

By Roger Bryan

Business Plan Reviews:

I offer three different types of business plan review services. Starting with a 100 point review of your plan that helps entrepreneurs to structure a perfectly developed plan. My second service includes the 100 point review with extra emphasis on your marketing and financial section. My final package is geared for those looking to use their business plan to solicit for investors. It includes detailed information on what investors are looking for. With this very unique package I will also submit your plan to five investors that I’ve worked with in the past.

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Marketing Strategy Consulting:

When planning a new business or the launch of a new product a comprehensive marketing plan is essential. Figuring out who your target market is, what marketing mediums you are going to use, and how much you’ll need to spend is extremely important and often overlooked.
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Web Marketing Consulting:

When marketing on the internet the most important element of your plan is the selection of your keywords. If you are not measuring the monthly searches, cost per click of the first position, your keywords commercial intent, and the competition level for each keyword then you are not properly choosing your keywords. Our web marketing consulting package is designed to do all the research for you.
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Financial Planning & Modeling Consulting:

This package is designed as a complement to my Business Plan Review Service. Once you’ve got basic plan in place for your business it is extremely important for you to plan your financial statements. Developing a pro-forma cash flow statement and an outline of your expected expenses is key to landing investors and launching a successful company. Failure to properly plan your finances can lead to stress and even business failure.
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