Social Media

By Roger Bryan

Internet Companies and Social Media: The Perfect Pairing

In today’s internet-based market, many businesses have found that they are able to start and run an entire company right online. Without interacting with customers face to face or having a traditional brick and mortar store or office, numerous companies are able to thrive and prosper. However, in order to stay relevant and create a substantial market of customers, internet companies must develop unique and effective marketing plans, that like their company, operates completely online. Internet marketing is a popular technique for many companies, but for online businesses, internet marketing is even more essential as most of these companies are unable to utilize other, traditional marketing endeavors, and their entire marketing campaign must be completed online.

Just like traditional marketing, the realm of internet marketing has gone through several trends and adapted to numerous changes in the market. However, very few things have had the same type of impact on internet marketing as social media has. With sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, internet marketing efforts are able to instantly stay connected with the millions of individuals who use these sites every day. There is no easier way to spread the word about a company than by having a strong social media presence. However, utilizing social media to develop an online company is far different than using a social media site for personal reasons. A well thought out and properly executed campaign needs to be implemented in order for a social media marketing effort to be successful, which is why there are several habits social media marketers should adapt to find the success they are looking for.

Stay Engaging

Simply put, boring social media marketing efforts will never succeed, simply due to a lack of engaging content. It is essential that anyone looking to start a social media marketing campaign puts the necessary effort into keeping their content engaging. While some companies may have more difficulty with this than others, no matter what the topic may be on, the goal should alway be to provide content that is interesting to read and that engages followers. The content should be relatable to your target audience and draw attention to your page when possible. By asking questions to your followers or encouraging them to take action on something, you will keep your followers engaged.

A social media follower will be much more likely to take the time to read, respond to and appreciate a social media page that poses questions, provides helpful information, or encourages followers to do something, as opposed to pages that simply offer up random information unrelated to a company’s industry. The more interesting the page is the more likely followers will take an extra few seconds to look around and to follow links back to your website or to think about what your company has to offer. Engaging and informative posts will also help any company establish a reputation as an expert in their field; giving a company a sense of credibility.

Connect Your Social Media Outlets

Successful social media marketers not only use social media to connect to potential customers, but they use social media to keep their own content connected. It is essential for successful companies to link all of their social media accounts together. In these networks, they should also link their blog and their company website. A great way to do this is not only with links on websites and blogs, sending followers to social media sites, but to use social media sites to send followers to the website or blog. Social media posts can draw in follower’s attention with an engaging post, encouraging them to read more about a topic on the company blog, Tweets can include links to articles or photos on a company website, and LinkedIn profiles should have prominently displayed URLS to a company webpage.

Post Things People Will Want to Share

One of the driving ideas behind social media is that users will share posts, thoughts and ideas they get from other users. This is precisely how news is often spread via social media sites and how new companies can grow simply through word-of-mouth. This is why any business that is looking to expand and grow with a social media site will want to post things that people will want to share. Posting information on an attention-grabbing headline or a particularly good offer is a great way to get social media users to repost or re-tweet what you have said. This will not only get your post circulating in different social circles but it will get your company name circulating in these circles as well. This is one of the most important aspects of a successful social media marketing campaign, and being able to successfully do this is a great way to instantly get the word out about your company.

Emphasize Referrals

Much like traditional marketing, internet marketing relies heavily upon referrals. This is because referrals are one of the best ways to attract new customers. Successful companies will use social media marketing to spread the word about a referral program, or to let current customers know about offers for referrals. Referral marketing requires a proactive attitude on the part of the company, but when approached correctly referral marketing is one of the best and most affordable methods of drawing in new customers. This is a particularly important social media strategy for start-ups who are looking to make a name for themselves in their market and develop a strong brand reputation or identity within their industry. With real referrals from actual live customers who spread the word through social media, companies can start getting new leads from customers who are serious about using their services.

Integrate Social Media into Your Business Development Plan

Having the information on how to successfully use social media to market your company and build your brand name isn’t enough. These social media marketing efforts need to be part of a much larger initiative to truly build your brand name and develop your company. Understanding how social media works not only on its own put as part of a larger branding and development plan is the best way for a new company to truly get off its feet and start building a reputation. Successful social media campaigns require professional insight and understanding in how these campaigns work and how they can be integrated into the development plan of any start-up company. Internet entrepreneurs who seek this expert advice on social media marketing before they start their campaign, should be armed with the tools they need to take their company to the next level and to develop a truly solid brand identity. For more information on how to use social media as part of an internet marketing campaign, follow the link  to schedule a free consultation call or call 888-722-7926 today.