SocialAdr Review | The ideal application for social engagement and social signals

Have you experimented with SocialAdr?  Read through this evaluation to uncover everything you will need to know about SocialAdr.

Building links has been a known SEO strategy for a while, but with the importance of social signals becoming more apparent, it is important to use a link-building service that incorporates social network websites as well.

The service that gets you the quickest results—and even has a free account option—is SocialAdr.

SocialAdr is a great tool that is used to create social signals and back links for whatever websites you choose. The best thing about SocialAdr is that it is not an automated link builder that could get you in trouble with search engines, but instead it uses real humans who actually post your links with real accounts. Because social signals are starting to strongly affect search engine result page (SERP) rankings, the ability to have real human interaction with your links is crucial in efforts to both drive traffic and to rank. They have a wide variety of bookmarking and social media sites that they use, below is a list.

Not only does SocialAdr use real humans to post your links—it allows you to track their work and see where the link has been posted. Similarly, when using social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, SocialAdr provides information about the real person’s account and even lets you see their post (even when it is a tweet or facebook like) In the screenshot below, you can see exactly what I mean. Here is a list of real Twitter users that have posted my links in a tweet. I can see how many followers they have, their username, and even click on the actual tweet or retweet where they mention my link.


Adding a bookmark is so easy on this website that you could train anyone in your staff to do it for you. When I started using this website, I never read an instruction manual or anything, it was as simple as clicking “Add bookmark” and typing in the information about your link. Additionally, you can select “Submission Boost” (if you have a paid account) which will submit your link an extra 25 times to social sites that aren’t included in the standard SocialAdr submissions. This feature makes a huge difference as it gets your link promoted up to 25 additional times from just one click. See the screenshot below, which shows how to add a bookmark and check the “Submission Boost” box.

submission boost social adr


One of the greatest things about SocialAdr is that you can use it for free.

Although they do offer a paid version, which they refer to as the “Lazy” Account, SocialAdr offers free link building services. All you have to do is post other users’ links using your accounts and you can gain credit to have people post your links. It’s a great idea as everyone is helping each other, and if you have the time to post links for other people, then you can have your links built up for free. SocialAdr provides quick results, as your site starts getting linked 12 hours after you add your bookmark. It’s quick, but because it is used by real people, it occurs at a natural pace and does not look fishy to the search engines. Although no service is perfect, this is definitely a great option and perhaps the best that is available. If you’re interested in SocialAdr, you can visit their site by following the link

Try SocialAdr for free by visiting this link: SocialAdr

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