The Business Coaching that made it possible

By Roger Bryan
Table of Contents
1. The Five Year Anniversary of Roger Bryan’s Blog –
2. Becoming a Business Coach
3. Blogging For Money
4. How To Build A Personal Brand
5. How To Grow A Business
6. The Business Coaching That Made It Possible

The first of these coaches is Mike Collier. Through all the stress of separating from my bad partnership Mike was always there to guide me, not just professionally and from a business environment, but also through the trying times that weighed on me personally. There’s nothing worse than watching a business that you founded from your own idea, in your own blood and sweat and tears, be destroyed by the greed of others. Mike taught me not to dwell, but constantly push forward and to be looking for the next opportunity or the next idea that would allow me to accomplish more than I ever accomplished before. He had an intuitive way of calling me on my worst day when I did not even think to pick up the phone to call him. I could have not transformed myself from my previous position to the one that I am in today without him.

The next person is JT Foxx. He opened my eyes and introduced me to the world of business at a level that I never thought that I would reach in my lifetime. He taught me about personal branding, which is really the basis for this entire post that I’m making today. And the fact that I realized as we were developing today that I was about to hit my five year anniversary of launching this website. His basis for personal branding and growing yourself beyond the everyday business owner and creating an identity that transcends just the business that you start is really the key to success for those that reach it at the highest level.

I guess today could’ve been like any other day as I was working on this new web template we’re putting together and all of the pictures, videos and testimonials that we need to get the site live. But I just happened to look and realized that it was five years ago this week that I published this website for the first time. It was a free WordPress theme with no graphics, no images, and not even a custom theme, and I started writing about my experiences. Now it’s five years later and hundreds of thousands of website visitors later, so I thought that it would be a good time to reflect on what got me here today. It was a simple blog with simple blog posts with ideas that people would listen to. So if you’re reading this and you’re looking for guidance on how to start your next company, I have a few words of advice or wisdom for you.

Go at it with all the passion in the world and never let obstacles slow you down. If someone gets in your way, run through them. If somebody tries to pull you down, laugh at them and pull yourself away. Seek advice from those who have done it before. Know that not everyone will understand nor support what you’re trying to do; do it anyway. Find a coach, listen to them, work with them, and then work with yourself. Read every book that you can, listen to every CD that you can from speakers that have been there and done that. Attend every event that you can, looking for that one piece of knowledge that will change your life. And most importantly, trust in yourself and never stop trying.

So I will call this my five year anniversary blog post. And to be honest, I haven’t done many blog posts in the past year. And it’s kind of that self-reflection point today where I realized that it was blogging that helped me to start numerous multimillion dollar companies and most importantly to sell them and continue to move forward working on bigger and better deals. I’m Roger from and this is my five year anniversary blog post.

Thanks for reading.

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