Think Like Trump

By Roger Bryan

The name “Trump” has been seen on buildings, products, books, and television shows…but what meaning does it hold? Undeniably, an image comes to mind that is defined by this word: Trump. However, treating “Trump” as just a name does not do it justice…after all, what’s in a name? Well, this name has become an established brand that invokes a powerful brand image. From the Trump Tower to the expression “You’re fired!”, the Trump brand represents a business force to be reckoned with. In order to Think Like Trump, you must be working to establish a brand for your company. “Branding is a very effective business tool,” Donald Trump stated in a 2011 magazine interview, “That’s number one.” Using this number one business tip will allow you to Think Like Trump—and this powerful mindset will lead you towards success.

The Trump Winery is located in Charlottesville, Virginia and was formerly the historic Kluge Winery. Acquired by the Trumps, the winery is run by Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC, headed by Donald Trump’s son Eric. The Trump Winery is one more step in the right direction for the Trump brand, as the winery exudes elegance and taste. In a 2011 magazine interview Eric Trump discusses their brand image, noting, “There’s a lifestyle association. And in an indirect way, there’s accountability. So many different brands are unaccountable and there’s no one to answer for them.  We have organization and personality and we’re accountable, and that means everything in our business.” Based on this lifestyle association and accountability, the Trump Winery is proving to be one more step in a successful line of business endeavors for the Trump family. The Think Like Trump mentality is seen in this bold move by Eric Trump to conquer the winery world, which extends far beyond the usual real estate work focused on by the Trumps.

Their newly acquired vineyard reminds many that the Trumps are known for amassing properties– but the means of transportation they have are worth noting as well. The Trump helicopter is easily one of the most recognizable private helicopters in the world. The high-profile helicopter helps to represent the high quality of the Trump brand name, as seen by its logo clearly inscribed on its fuselage. This proud display of all things Trump helps to identify the role that the copter plays in the Trump brand. The helicopter, functioning for personal use, is emblazoned with the large Trump logo—the identifier of their established brand name. Previously, the Trumps had helicopters as part of a shuttle service for clients. This VIP transportation, on the other hand, is reserved exclusively for the Trump family, and it is rare to find others invited on board. The helicopter takes the Trumps back and forth from their various properties and estates, including the Trump Winery in Virginia.

Trump New YorkOne such trip was made from New York City to Trump Winery on August 9, 2012– but this excursion was different. The usually exclusive Trump helicopter had not just Eric Trump of Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC, but two other entrepreneurs on board. This historic two-hour flight to Virginia also included Roger Bryan, entrepreneur and founder of RCBryan & Associates, along with JT Foxx from Top One Coaching.  The goal for the flight from New York to the Trump Winery is to talk business and perhaps even make some deals. Beyond success in business, the three entrepreneurs also share the common bond of fundraising for the Trump Foundation, which benefits St. Jude’s. Roger Bryan was offered this opportunity based on his participation in a fundraiser in Dallas, which raised over $650,000 for the charity.

This exclusive and rare business meeting will certainly have an effect on Roger Bryan and how he continues on his entrepreneurial path. After all, what would better inspire one to Think Like Trump other than riding in his style—a private branded helicopter? Roger Bryan had a positive outlook on this situation, sharing that his goals include “further developing my relationship with the Trump Organization and Eric Trump. “ As he maintains a well-established working relationship with George Ross, Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, this expansion makes sense. The momentous occasion should play out as beneficial to all three parties involved, as they all have a unique perspective to offer each other when dealing business.  As an internet marketer, Roger Bryan has a particularly interesting role in the meeting. Internet marketers are infamous for living in a small world, but Bryan takes a different approach. “Internet Marketing is no longer a behind the scene service.  It is a major part of the business world and its importance is evident in the Trump Organization’s desire to do business with me,” remarked Bryan before the helicopter departed for the Trump Winery.inside Trump helicopter

Roger Bryan’s company, RCBryan and Associates, specializes in internet marketing and business coaching. Through both of these avenues, they aim to help their clients Think Like Trump by pursuing the right business opportunities and establishing a brand identity for their company. Inspired by the experience that founder Roger Bryan had on the Trump helicopter, RCBryan & Associates strives to help your brand take off. By calling one of their strategic advisors today, you begin your flight plan towards success. RCBryan & Associates can help you Think Like Trump—if you’re looking to get into the Trump mindset that will help you achieve your business goals, follow the link or schedule a free consultation or call us at 888-722-7926.

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